Assistance Programs

Emergency Financial Assistance

The Bleeding Disorders Foundation of North Carolina’s (BDFNC) Financial Assistance Program provides funds to eligible individuals and families in NC who need assistance with: expenses incurred in the care, treatment, or prevention of a bleeding disorder; and/or basic living expense emergencies. This program is intended to help individuals and families who have exhausted all other sources of assistance and for whom no other funds are available. Assistance is limited to $500 per calendar year and can be awarded for up to two consecutive years. After two years, an applicant will not be eligible for the next calendar year.
Be sure to read the Guidelines here before applying for assistance. Eligible applicants can submit an application here.

Medical ID Jewelry

BDFNC recognizes that it is important that individuals with bleeding disorders have a Medical ID tag. Medical IDs come in many forms, including dog tags and bracelets. Emergency responders are trained to look for a Medical ID and then contact the Medical ID organization to obtain the person’s medical information to ensure proper treatment. This can be lifesaving in an emergency!

BDFNC has contracted with American Medical ID to provide one Medical ID and a lifetime membership to any person living in North Carolina with a bleeding disorder or who goes to an NC Hemophilia Treatment Center. Additional jewelry can be purchased from the company. For budgetary reasons, BDFNC can provide up to one (1) Medical ID jewelry every two calendar years per patient. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please visit the Medical ID page here to order your ID, or email for a PDF application.

Seatbelt Strap Program

BDFNC is proud to offer the Seatbelt Strap Program to support the NC bleeding disorders community. BDFNC community members who are diagnosed with a bleeding disorder may receive up to two (2) seatbelt straps. These straps may be available at the North Carolina Hemophilia Treatment Centers as well as events, but can also be shipped. All recipients need to complete a seatbelt form in order for BDFNC to properly track the number of straps distributed to the community. More information, including the application and customizable seatbelt strap informational insert, can be found here.

Travel Grants to National Bleeding Disorders Conferences

Grants are available to qualified family members of persons diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. Grants are available for the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation (NBDF – formerly National Hemophilia Foundation) Bleeding Disorders Conference, the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) Symposium, and NBDF Washington Days; other national events may be included as approved by the BDFNC Board. BDFNC believes these events are wonderful opportunities to meet other families and help to educate all persons affected by a bleeding disorder.

The grants may be used for event registration fees, transportation, and/or lodging. Priority may be given to families or individuals who 1) have a child who has recently been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, or 2) had no previous knowledge of the disorder prior to their child being diagnosed, or 3) have not attended the selected event in the past.

Interested individuals can fill out the application here or contacting the BDFNC office for a hardcopy application.

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