“Bleeding Disorders Foundation of North Carolina is important to me because it is a lifesaving tool that helps me in this journey of coping with my son having a bleeding disorder.”

To improve the quality of life for families of children with a bleeding disorder, so that they may HOPE to lead a fulfilling life.

The BDFNC HOPE Program is for ALL families to feel welcome and to offer emotional support and educational resources.

Open to all BDFNC members, HOPE events and activities are designed to meet the specific needs of children with a bleeding disorder. HOPE activities include events throughout the year including educational dinners, retreats, and Zoom Community Conversations meetups. BDFNC can also provide information and materials to help your child succeed in school. 

For parents/guardians looking for more individualized support, BDNFC offers a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program. We will pair you with another parent who also has a child with a bleeding disorder and who has “been there, done that” and provide personal and guided support.  

You are not alone in raising a child with a bleeding disorder. 

For more information about the HOPE Program or to be connected with a Peer Mentor, contact Gillian Schultz, Director of Programs, at info@bleedingdisordersnc.org or call 919-319-0014.

Noah's Story: One Parent's Experience

Dear Parents,

My name is Gillian and my son Noah has hemophilia. I have been in your shoes and remember how scary it was when he was first diagnosed. At the time, I did not believe I would ever accept his diagnosis. But here we are, more than eleven years later, and it is okay. My son is a normal, happy, and thriving adolescent!