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Education Scholarships

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”
— Nelson Mandela

Scholarship Information

  • 2022 George D. McCoy Education Scholarship

    Amount: one award of $1,000

    Candidate: Persons diagnosed with severe hemophilia A

    Application Form: download

    Application deadline: May 20

    Contact: Bleeding Disorders Foundation of North Carolina
    Phone: 919-319-0014

  • 2022 Optum Infusion Pharmacy/Hemophilia of North Carolina Education Scholarships

    Amount: $18,000 to be distributed in awards of $500 to $3,000

    Candidate: Persons affected by a bleeding disorder including anyone who: has been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder; is a caregiver of a child or adult affected by a bleeding disorder; has a sibling or a parent in the same household affected by a bleeding disorder. At least one scholarship will be awarded to an applicant pursuing education in a health-related field.

    Application Form: download

    Application deadline: May 20

    Contact: Email:

    More Information from Optum:

  • Lists of additional scholarships for people with bleeding disorders, their families, and caregivers

Your high school guidance counselor and your college financial aid office should also be able to help you find additional resources to afford your continuing education.

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