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Congratulations to Kayleigh for being the winner of the Teen Empowerment Program Logo Competition!

Soon, you will start seeing her logo on all Teen Empowerment Program materials.



BDFNC has a growing Teen Program. Teens have unique needs as they are growing up, becoming independent, and learning to manage their bleeding disorder on their own. BDFNC also recognizes that ALL teens in the bleeding disorders community can benefit from supportive programs, regardless if they are the person in the household with a bleeding disorder. Most teen events are open to any teen in the community, including siblings and children of people with bleeding disorders.

Teen activities include an annual Teen Retreat with the Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina, Teen Day events, and Teen Tracks at larger events like the Consumer Medical Symposium and Summer Community Retreat.

For more information, contact Gillian Schultz, Director of Programs, at or by calling 919-319-0014.