Seatbelt Strap Program

Bleeding Disorders Foundation of North Carolina (BDFNC) is proud to offer the Seatbelt Strap Program to support the NC bleeding disorders community.

BDFNC community members who are diagnosed with a bleeding disorder may receive up to two (2) seatbelt straps. These straps may be available at the North Carolina Hemophilia Treatment Centers as well as events, but can also be shipped. All recipients need to complete the seatbelt form below in order for BDFNC to properly track the number of straps distributed to the community.

Below are simple steps to participating in BDFNC’s Seatbelt Strap Program:


  • Include a photo of the person with the bleeding disorder so emergency professionals can easily identify if it is the person sitting in that seat.
  • These straps can also be put on diaper bags, infant seat handles, backpacks, and more!
  • While the customizable form provided is related to the bleeding disorder, there may be other information that emergency professionals should know. Be sure to include anything they should know in case of an emergency.