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SOAR Women’s Luncheon – Winston-Salem

SOAR Women’s Luncheon – Winston-Salem February 11, 2023, 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Kimpton Cardinal Hotel

51 East Fourth Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Registration Deadline: 02/09/2023 11:59 PM

Join us for a Women’s Luncheon at the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel in Winston-Salem. Connect with other women who have hemophilia or other bleeding disorders and enjoy a beautiful lunch, presentation, and activity.

Xaviette Pointer-Kincy, Sanofi CoRe Manager, will present Factor Fiction: Women with Hemophilia. Learn how women are affected by hemophilia and explore strategies to have productive discussions with doctors about healthcare needs. While this topic mentions hemophilia, the information presented is relevant to women with any bleeding disorder, and we hope that no matter what you are diagnosed with, or a carrier of, you will join us!

Following the presentation, there will be self-led craft activity, allowing lots of time to socialize, practice self-care, and get to know each other.

This event is for women and teen girls. Registration is required.

The SOAR Program is for all women with a bleeding disorder, including those diagnosed with hemophilia, platelet disorders, rare factor deficiencies, and von Willebrand disease, and carriers of any of these disorders (both symptomatic and non-symptomatic).

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