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Gillian Schultz

Gillian Schultz Director of Programs

Gillian has been involved with BDFNC since 2010 after her second son was unexpectedly diagnosed with hemophilia when he was two days old. She began volunteering for the HOPE Program for families and the Hemophilia Walk. In 2015 Gillian joined the staff of BDFNC. Since then, she has been building and strengthening BDFNC programs. Before joining BDFNC, Gillian was a public school music and orchestra teacher and private violin instructor, having taught for 14 years in Rochester, NY, and in Charlotte, NC. Gillian has both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music education. She is currently enrolled at UNC Wilmington, pursuing a second master’s degree in public administration with a concentration on nonprofit management. As BDFNC’s Director of Programs, Gillian hopes that through BDFNC’s programs, those impacted by bleeding disorders feel supported and empowered to take control of their bleeding disorder and live a healthy and productive life. Gillian lives in Charlotte, NC, with her husband Karl and two sons; Riley, who does not have hemophilia, and Noah, who is diagnosed with moderate-severe hemophilia A.