Gillian Schultz

Gillian Schultz Director of Programs

Gillian first became involved with BDFNC in 2010 after her newborn son Noah was diagnosed with hemophilia. She began volunteering her time with the HOPE Program for families and became the volunteer coordinator in 2013. She was the 2014 Hemophilia Walk Chair and the Walk Manager for the 2015 Charlotte Hemophilia Walk. In addition to her job with BDFNC, Gillian sits on the Hemophilia Federation of America Board as the representative from North Carolina. Gillian has also worked as a public school orchestra teacher and violin instructor. She has her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in music education. Gillian enjoys developing programs and events so that everyone in the community feels supported and has the education they need so that they do not feel limited by their bleeding disorder. Gillian lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Karl and two sons; Riley, who does not have hemophilia, and Noah who has moderate Hemophilia A.