BDFNC Sponsors 2021-2022

In alphabetical order by industry

The Bleeding Disorders Foundation of North Carolina (BDFNC) is grateful for the generous support of its corporate sponsors, without which we would not be able to provide educational programs, information, emergency financial assistance, and other support to the bleeding disorders community in our state.

We make every effort to ensure that our sponsors are accurately represented, and acknowledged according to our published standards. This list is for reference purposes only, used as an internal resource for maintaining this website, and for the production of BDFNC publications. It is our hope that our sponsors will review this page from time to time, and alert us to any errors or upcoming changes.

In addition to the information below, we suggest our sponsors also review the relevant sections of our “Who? What?” collection of information for families who have recently been given a diagnosis of hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, or other bleeding disorder. This page includes a list of pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmaceutical products.

Logos: Corporate logos come in all shapes and forms, and it is a challenge to present a group of logo graphics in such a way as to give them equal emphasis. With the understanding that it is impossible to have a “one size fits all” system, we have nonetheless had to choose a standard for this website.

The standard space allotment for corporate logos on this site is 175 pixels wide by 50 pixels high (175×50). We make a considerable effort to fit individual logo images efficiently in this space.

Vector format: For certain applications it is very helpful for us to have company logos in vector format. These files are most commonly produced using Adobe Illustrator software. Common file name extensions are AI, EPS, and PDF, but this can be confusing because not all PDF and EPS files contain vector formatted images. The company’s art department will most likely have these readily at hand. Vector graphics are required for certain specialized purposes, including large scale printing (banners, signs), imprinting (t-shirts), engraving, and embroidery. We like to have these files on hand for all of our sponsors. The small graphic file that you may use for email, Word documents, and web pages will not work for these applications. For the greatest flexibility, we’d like to have two vector files: one being your logo in full color using the CMYK color mode, and the other being the logo rendered in a single color (black).

Please note: When attending BDFNC events, all Industry Representatives are expected to abide by BDFNC’s Standards for Industry and Industry Agents.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Company Name
(as listed)
Logo (175×50) Associated URL Notes
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals www.alnylam.com *Vector version of logo needed.
Bayer HealthCare www.livingwithhemophilia.com Use of the new Bayer name, logo and URL is effective February 14, 2019. Events sponsored before this date will reflect the previous company name (Bayer HealthCare) and its respective logo and URL (URL updated January 2022).
BioMarin www.biomarin.com
CSL Behring www.allaboutbleeding.com
Genentech www.gene.com
Grifols www.alphanate.com/en/patients
HEMA Biologics hemabio.com
Kedrion Biopharma www.kedrion.com
Medexus Pharma www.ixinity.com Use of this company name and logo is effective May 5, 2020. Events sponsored before this date will reflect the previous company name (Aptevo Therapeutics) and its respective logo. Events sponsored before October 1, 2016 will reflect the previous company name (Emergent Biosolutions) and its respective logo.
Novo Nordisk www.novonordisk-us.com/products/biopharmaceuticals.html The official Novo Nordisk logo is almost square, with a large “bull” icon and relatively small lettering. It presents an awkward challenge for HNC: the majority of other corporate logos are roughly rectangular, and fit well in HNC’s standard 175×50 web page space. Novo Nordisk(See the mockup to the right of the official logo.) Under the assumption that name recognition is most important, HNC has generally used one of the two modified designs shown at left on its web pages, with preference usually given to the upper form. The traditional Novo Nordisk logo is used on printed materials, as they usually have more fluid design constraints.

Logo and URL updated September 2020.

Octapharma www.octapharma.com
Pfizer www.hemophiliavillage.com Logo updated March 2021.
Sanofi Genzyme Sanofi www.sanofigenzyme.com
Replaces Bioverativ, effective February 19, 2019.
Spark Therapeutics sparktx.com
Takeda bleedingdisorders.com Takeda acquired Shire in December 2018. Use of this company name and logo began in March, 2019. The URL was inherited from the Shire entry.
Tremeau Pharmaceuticals tremeau.com
uniQure uniqure.com

Specialty Pharmacies

Company Name
(as listed)
Logo (175×50) Associated URL Notes
Accredo hemophilia.com

Effective September 14, 2020.

ASAP wecareasap.com A Specialty Advocate Pharmacy
BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy www.biomatrixsprx.com Replaces Matrix Health Group, effective February 18, 2019.
Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy blueskyspecialtypharmacy.com *Vector version of logo needed.
Cottrill’s Specialty Pharmacy cottrillspharmacy.com In use effective October 5, 2015. The logo shown, supplied by company representative, is different from the logo used on the company website.
CVS Specialty www.cvsspecialty.com
Diplomat Specialty
Infusion Group

Effective May 1, 2018.

Now a part of Optum
DrugCo Health drugcohealth.com

Effective May 18, 2020.

Use of this company logo is effective November 22, 2019.

HNC advised the company to redirect the old URL so that old links on this and other sites will continue to resolve properly.

The Ethical Factor www.ethicalfactorrx.com Logo updated September 2020.
*Vector version of logo needed.
Hemophilia First hemophiliafirst.com *Vector version of logo needed.
HPC Specialty Infusion
— alternate —
www.hpcinfusion.com New logo, company name, and URL effective March 2021.

New logo does not render well in HNC’s 175×50 standard display. Alternate version recommended and approved for use, March 23, 2021.

InfuCare Rx infucarerx.com
NuFACTOR Specialty Pharmacy
www.nufactor.com Vector version of logo needed.
Option Care optioncare.com
Optum Infusion Pharmacy specialty.optumrx.com/infusion Diplomat SIG has become a part of Optum.
Paragon Healthcare paragonhealthcare.com/hemo
Promptcare www.arjinfusion.com
Realo Specialty Care Pharmacy www.realospecialtycare.com Use of this company logo is effective January 10, 2020
Specialty Therapeutic Care stcare.envolvehealth.com “An AcariaHealth Solution”
Superior Biologics superiorbiologics.com
TwelveStone Health Partners www.12stonehealth.com

Other Sponsors

Company Name
(as listed)
Logo (175×50) Associated URL Notes
Atrium Health atriumhealth.org
Galen www.galen-pharma.com
HRF, Inc. hrfinc.com
Novant Health www.novanthealth.com